WCVT2015 Tour Update #2 – Calgary, Cranbrook, and Nelson

Good Morning from Nelson, BC.

The last few days have been a lot of fun despite the driving and gigging, late nights and early wake-ups. We’ve unanimously agreed that this has been the easiest time we’ve ever had on the road in our 10+ years as a band. We’ve slammed out our weekday gigs to our devout friends and fans in Alberta and interior B.C. It is now time for us to bring this tour home.

Heading off on the longest drive of the tour (a mere 8 hours), we’ll be hitting The Wolf Bar in Maple Ridge. This is TONIGHT! Get your asses down there.

On Saturday, April 11, Tribune will be hitting up Seven Dining Lounge in Vancouver for the last gig of the tour. Though we had only started booking this gig 4 days before hitting the road, the turnout does look promising.

ANYWAYS. Bryan just reminded me that we have to hit the road so I’ll keep this quick and leave you with a video from our show in Cranbrook. I can tell already that we need a more detailed tour summary once it’s all said and done.

I present to you…. “Vengeance” Cheers! \m/



WCVT2015 Tour Update #1 – Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Edmonton

Tribune with our friends in Kryosphere

Hey Tribe,

The last several days have been busy ones. Red Deer was a blast. Medicine Hat was new to us, and Edmonton provided quite nicely for a Sunday show. Many friends came out to party and say hello. We appreciated it. Monday was spent with Kryosphere’s friends and family, having turkey dinner and many beers. ‘Hope to see you again.

Here’s some photos from our Edmonton gig. We have video from the Red Deer gig, but we forgot the charger. That was a fun gig and the footage will be available once we get home, however. If anybody has any other photos or footage. Please feel free to send them to us. terry@riffsthatkill.com



Hashtags and Staying Over In Kelowna

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to say that our Official Tour hashtag is #WCVT2015 (West Canadian Vengeance Tour 2015)

This will have to be a fast post, we’re about to re-insure our trailer and get some breakfast before we head to our gig in Red Deer. But here’s some videos and an event link for the Red Deer gig.


Link to the gig: https://www.facebook.com/events/459442264209995/

Here’s the second video¬†with some new riffs for new songs (Just Released):

And here’s a video of Matt Ruckus (from AMF) sticking his finger up Terry’s nose….



West Canadian Vengeance Tour

I’ll keep it short since I’m damn busy. As many of our friends and fans know, Tribune is touring through BC and Alberta pretty soon. We’re all pretty excited to see old faces and new ones along the way. But damn… We leave tomorrow. So much to do. Info will be listed under the Events section of our website.

– Terry

P.S. Keep an eye on our Youtube Channel. tribunemetal You may as well just subscribe, because there’s lots more vids on the way from now on. Here’s a video that we just put up today.