Tribune is a progressive melodic metal band hailing from B.C.’s capitol city, Victoria. They are known for blending melodic death and bluesy thrash riffs with a full spectrum of vocal stylings. Be it piercing screams, growls, rough-edged thrash, or clean melodies, vocalist Bryan Baker’s singing is one of the defining qualities of the bands unique style. Tribune’s lyrics are based on both personal and historical conflicts, though their most recent album, ‘Tales’ (2013), pays homage to a myriad of lauded fantasy and sci-fi authors throughout history.


Tribune’s story first begins in the Comox Valley, located in the Lower Mainland of B.C. on Vancouver Island. Years before any music would come to be, Terry Anderson (guitar) and Bryan Baker (vocals) had first met and become friends in Grade 5 (1991). Four years later, Terry would move away to Campbell River, a town north of the Valley. Throughout high school, friendships were made and dreams of being in a heavy metal band were realized. Terry began to learn guitar and Bryan would often sing while listening to metal. During these times they would each experience their first tastes of performing with a band before a live audience.

Fast-forward to 2004. Jason Brown (drums) calls up Terry and tells him that they should start a new project. Having already been in a band during high school, it was indeed time for the two to rekindle their musical symbiosis. The rest happened pretty quickly. Long time friend and classmate, Jess Garner would join on bass guitar. Bryan was the obvious choice for vocals. Then known as Blacklist, what would essentially become Tribune had been formed.

The band immediately set to writing their first album, ‘Home Sweet Hell’. Due to foreseeable legal issues, they soon adopted Tribune as their new band name. Before recording had even been completed, Jess Garner would part ways with the gang in search of a different creative path. Homespun and unmastered, HSH was still well received by the local scene, and to this day, it is asked for by die-hard fans from the area. Ryan O’Shea, a long time friend and brother in metal, would take up the bass guitar duties in the month’s that HSH was being mixed.

In the following year-and-a-half, Tribune would continue to become more serious with their craft. The decision to move the entire band into a house in Vancouver was made. In the summer of 2006, they loaded up the moving truck and headed to their new home. Waiting for them in Vancouver were Bryan’s younger brother, as well as friend and soon-to-be guitarist, Shawn Culley. These two young heroes were the ones who’d actually convinced a homeowner to let the whole band move into their house.

Shawn soon joined the band. Everyone had pretty much expected it. Tribune’s musical style quickly shifted to include harmonized guitar riffs in the vein of At The Gates and The Black Dhalia Murder. Everyone worked hard to broaden the spectrum of musicality expressed in a Tribune song.

In the many years leading up to the present, the band would tour multiple times through Canada and once through the USA. They would release several albums: Rotting Core(2008), Elder Lore/The Dark Arts(2012), and finally, Tales(2013).

Most recently and within the last year, Ryan O’Shea would step down amicably from bass duties to be replaced by current bassist, TJ Humenick. The band has now moved back to the island, calling Victoria it’s home. Plans for new music are in the works, and Tribune is exploring the outer reaches of their talents to once again outdo themselves musically.