Hello, friends! Things are going great! We’ve just spent Sunday relaxing with friends in Red Deer after playing our second and third shows of the tour. We had totally crushed our drive to Calgary, and it seems like the sun is following us, too. Yesterday, it got up 19 degrees.


The show in Calgary was at The Blind Beggar, and it was an interesting mix of genres. We were stoked to see a decent amount of metal heads emerge from the unsuspecting crowd. We’d like to thank the headliner, Negative Earth a.k.a. ‘Negative Nerd’, and Zipgun Wisdom for opening up the show.

Pauly… You’re a wild man.

Once again, we’d like to thank the Buitenwerf family (Terry’s Relatives) for coming out to the show, and letting us crash at their place… again.


The last time we were in Red Deer, we had an absolute blast. This time around, we played at The Blarney Stone, and it was equally awesome. There was lots of energy and tonnes of good people. We were super pumped to play for such a great crowd. It was really cool to see all the other bands rocking out to our tunes.  A big thanks to all our fans for supporting us and mobbing Bryan at our merch table.

The headliner, Stranger Danger, played a really sweet set. Thanks again for the tech help. Also, you’re welcome for the tech help. Awakening Grendel and This Monster Won’t Die did a great job opening up the set for us.

Justin did a good job putting this one on fie us. Thanks, bud.

Thanks to Beth and her brother Lliam for hooking us up with a place to stay while we’re in Red Deer.

Until next time…